15.10 — 31.10

12.10 — 02.11



"Dizer! Saber dizer! Saber existir pela voz escrita e a imagem intelectual! Tudo isto é quanto a vida vale: o mais é homens e mulheres, amores supostos e vaidades factícias, subterfúgios da digestão e do esquecimento, gentes remexendo-se, como bichos quando se levanta uma pedra, sob o grande pedregulho abstracto do céu azul sem sentido."

Bernardo Soares, Livro do Desassossego

It was asked of the students to choose one or more texts from "The Book of Disquiet" by Bernardo Soares, Fernando Pessoa. With these, they designed, planned and executed a film project from its phases pre-production, script and storyboard to its actual production and presentation. Deciding the type of movie to create (whether a film, animation, motion graphics, photographic film, installation or video art) was placed entirely in the hands of the students, according to their own expressive and narrative goals and what texts they chose in the first place. The only condition was the texts that originally inspired the project had to be present in the final representation, in visual or audio format. Every topic approached during the classes was applied in this project, by means of consideration and adjustment, according to what was the nature of each project.