15.10 — 31.10

12.10 — 02.11



This project's starting point is the city, the very city that gives name and form to the poem "Lisbon Revisited" by Álvaro de Campos published in 1926 in the magazine Contemporânea; and it described the same "sad and joyful" present in the book of the same name written by Victor Palla and Manuel Costa Martins. This city is physical, rational, historical, vernacular, actual and factual, but it is also poetic, emotional, ideal, imaginary (and imagined), the city of the 'Self', contaminated by the personal filter a stage for experimentation, space of communication; the city as a metaphor for a publication or even the city as a publication itself. The (re)discovered city, revisited by the principle of curiosity. Explored by a curious, restless, unsatisfied and unconventional eye; the city of the flâneur, the philosophical explorer as described by Charles Baudelaire: a character as strange as original. The idea of self-publishing is assumed as guiding principle, and the contents must be utilized in creating the proposed objects, and should be created/edited (organized) by the student himself. In order to do so, several logics of content raising, from authorship to appropriation, recollection and association, etc. can be resourced to.