15.10 — 31.10

12.10 — 02.11



"A hybrid novel can be seen as (...) a book where written text and graphic devices such as illustration, photography, information graphics or typographic treatments may interject in order to hold a reader's interest, enabling interaction with the book and also giving the printed page a multidimensional visual surface. It is a kind of book that requires the reader to take action and also demands to be handled and experienced. "1

Alberto Hernandéz

Alberto Hernandez's text "Hybrid Novels: A New Way Of Reading Narrative Fiction" provides the motto for redesigning of work of each student's choice. The project aims to motivate the creation of a unique differentiated object whose form is none other than the full extension of its content. In a period when the digital book is a rival to the printed book, the traditional one must evidence its physical nature. In order to do so, there is nothing like conjuring a series of elements (such as illustration, photography, typographic experimentation, etc.) capable of transforming the acts of reading and enjoying the book as a unique experience.

1 Alberto Hernández, "Hybrid Novels: A new way of reading narrative fiction", in Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media, Berlin: Gestalten, 2010, p. 150.