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"A mass medium is one in which the "message" is not directed at an audience but through an audience. The audience is both show and the message. Language is such a medium, one that includes all who use it as part of the medium itself." 1

Marshall McLuhan

Graphic intervention exercise that took place in the college space, developed with the text "The Medium is the Massage" as starting point, written by Marshall McLuhan as part of his work "Understanding Media: the extensions of man", published in 1964. This text was based on the books that resulted from the partnership between Marshall McLuhan and the designer Quentin Fiore. Among those books are "The Medium is the Massage", published in 1967 and "War and Peace in the Global Village", published in 1968. From the graphic design's perspective, these are extraordinary examples of how text and image can be integrated in a visually dynamic layout that breaks away from the models usually associated to an editorial production that focuses on market and advertising. "The Medium is the Massage" was the first volume conceived and achieved by Quentin Fiore, who was assumed as co-author and visual interpreter of Marshall McLuhan texts and ideas. For this specific exercise, it was asked of the students the creation of a group of graphic that showed a series of visual analogies that would potentiate a few of the concepts stated in McLuhan's text.

1 McLuhan, Marshall (1964), Understanding Media, New York: McGraw–Hill