15.10 — 31.10

12.10 — 02.11



The Worldchanging1 project puts the design student (and future designer) before the challenge of conceiving, elaborating and implementing a communication strategy based on the main topics of the program Education in Sustainable Development, by Unesco. This project underlines the necessity of synchronizing the project practice with a social conscience and an active and responsible citizenship, strongly based on a solid ethical foundation. On a first approach, the project implicated a thorough research that aimed to identify a topic or issue, later to be circumscribed in the scope of a specific field of action (for example, a partnership with the NGO); on a second approach the communication problems and issues were to be identified, starting from which it was asked to develop a work program that resulted in an information platform or communication campaign fundamentally adequate to both topic and scope of the project.

1 In reference to the homonymous book published by Alex Steffen.